Eliminate stress, make yourself feel good,
harmonize your body and mind,
enjoy Reiki energy treatments.

REIKI ?        
Reiki is a practice of energetic harmonisation by laying on of hands.

REIKI means "spiritual energy" or "spirit energy" in Japanese:
霊 kanji rei -> spirit
  気 kanji ki -> energy

For Reiki, it is not the practitioner's energy that flows between him and the client
but the Spiritual or Universal Energy that passes through the practitioner to the
to the client without the practitioner controlling anything.

Reiki goes where it wants (guided by the energy of the client) and on the plane that it has chosen itself.
We cannot choose for him, otherwise we are not in Reiki anymore.
The action of the energy is done on 3 planes:
- Physical
          - Psychological
- Spiritual

The "care" is practiced lying down or sitting and lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour
 depending on the practice used and the nature of the client's ailments.

The practitioner is not supposed to touch the client's body (depending
on the practice)
except for the head and legs (from the knee upwards)
and possibly the areas causing pain.

In Traditional Japanese Reiki (TJR) the practitioner uses the Meridians
 and Tandens (dantian in Chinese)
of the body, especially the Hara
 (located below the navel). But this is not a rule as many
 "systems" use the Chakras (energy centres) for healing.

In practice (as in my own practice, for example RTJ), we often use
 the feeling
(hibiki in Japanese) to find the zones (or nodes) where
 the Reiki must be allowed to act.

In no case the practitioner can ask you to undress or to touch
your intimate part
For those who would like to deepen their knowledge of Reiki, I
advise the very complete book of Bronwen and Frans Stiene:

REIKI the source book

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